Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week in Short

Sorry about the lateness of this post! I promised myself I'd get it up on Friday. Then I got home at six, took a shower because I got soaked out in the pouring rain (long story), laid down to take a "nap" at eight. I woke up at 7:30 this morning trying to remember when I'd gone to bed. Then I went shopping. City of Glass, Rules of Attraction, The Red Pyramid, and When It Happens have now joined by to be read pile. I can't wait to read them!!

Song of last week: Get Up by Superchick (Which I think is a really awesome song for authors and writers in general)
Song of this week: Undo It by Carrie Underwood

Must Read:
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Querytracker contest for one-line pitch and first chapter judged by Kathleen Ortiz!!!!! Starts June 1st so start getting those pitches ready!

Pimp My Novel is now on Facebook and Twitter!

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Story Flip:
Guest blogger, Claudia Gray, on outlining
Real life diagnostic: show vs tell

YA Highway:

Double-Crossed: 4k -- pretty much sitting on the wayside at the moment. I know where I want it to go, I just don't know how I want it to go there.

Guardian: 1.3k. -- same as Double-Crossed. I think with this one more of the problem lies with me getting bogged down by world-building.

Three Days: 21k -- coming along great!! I'm a little bit stuck at the moment, but that's more because I know I have all this work that I have to do so I can't work on it without feeling guilty. Hoping that I might be able to settle down and work on it tonight or tomorrow.

After the Jump -- Against my better judgment, I have a new WiP. If the name seems familiar, that's because it is. After the Jump was originally intended to be Jump's sequel. Now it seems to be leaning more towards a stand-alone, which both novels pretty much are. I got an idea for a scene for this one while I was straightening my hair the other night and I couldn't help myself. I'm stuck at the moment because I need to do research on coma recovery, but I'm really excited about it.

That's all for this week! Everyone have an awesome weekend!