Week in Short

Nathan Bransford had his first paragraph contest last week. The finalists were announced Friday and tomorrow we'll know who won.

Kidlit.com is hosting a query contest for YA, MG, and picture books. Deadline is October 31st and the prize is a critique of the first 30 pages of your manuscript.

Kody is also hosting her own query contest.

I recently learned that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (my favorite movie) is coming out on DVD December 8th! HA! I told my mom it would come out before Christmas. :D

Blood Red Pencil
talked about redundancy and wordiness this week.

BookEnds explained why agents auto-delete mass-mailed and 'Dear Agent' queries.

GLA reminds us all about Google alerts.

Rachelle Gardner adds her on to what to do when an agent offers to rep you.

That's all the links for this week! Short, I know. I was surprised too. Now I'm going to talk about what I read and wrote this week.

I finished The Last Olympian, the final book of the Percy Jackson series, yesterday! I am pleased to announce that I enjoyed it just as much now as I did then and TLO is still my second favorite book. Was planning a review of the entire series, but might not do that now. I don't really have that much to say about them... Can't wait for the Lightning Thief movie or Riordan's next series!

Also finished Blue Moon this week. Probably won't be a review of that one either. Not because all I want to do is fangirl, it's the opposite. I liked the writing as much as I did with Evermore, but the plot made me want to throw the book out the window. I just didn't like where the story's going.

Destiny: Line by line revisions are underway! I think I prefer plot and character changes over line by lines. Hoping to finish by November so I can send it out to betas while I do NaNo, but probably won't happen.

Jump: Still coming along. Doubt it'll be done before NaNo like I hoped. Also starting to worry that I might be glossing over parts of the story in an attempt to get it done faster. Which is bad.


Amna said…
You are an amazing multi-tasker lol
Emilia Plater said…
How about just YOU ARE AMAZING
Amna said…
Hehe, that works too :)

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