What Made You Buy It?

Sorry there was no teaser yesterday. I've gotten up to the point in Jump where teasers are no longer possible without requiring some kind of explanation or avoiding a major spoiler, so no more Teaser Tuesday for me for a while. My goal is to finish Jump (which has now hit 30k, yay!) before November so I can put all my time and energy towards NaNo, which I fully intend to do officially this year. But more on that when it gets closer to November.

So I was thinking while I was catching up on blog posts and a thought popped into my head. I know why I buy/check out the books I do, but why do you buy/check out the books you do? Think back to the last time you bought a book. What made you want to buy that book over all the other AWESOME books in that store?

To help me with this little question, I have created this cute little poll. Feel free to explain your answer in the comments. Should be fun to see the answers.

What made you buy it?
Cover Blurbs
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Emilia Plater said…
I tend to check out the reviews on Amazon before I even think about buying a book - but that could just be me being freakishly prudent. I just can't imagine buying a book, finding out it's not so good, and then not being able to return it. Although I did return Breaking Dawn to B&N. hahaha
Celise said…
It's always about the cover for me (I'm addicted to adult romance books) first and then back cover blurb.

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