Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back With the Last Two Weeks in Short

Sorry I've been gone for the last week! I had a ton of stuff that I needed to do and I just didn't have the time and wasn't in the mood to blog. But I'm back this week, though I don't know if it's going to be much better. My sinuses are all stuffed up so I barely want to move, let alone think about something to blog. :)

Must Reads: Nathan blogged about another of my pet peeves this week: telling vs showing. I was trying to figure out how to do my own post on the subject, but Nathan tells it a lot better than I could.

*bounces up and down* This second one is from GLA. It's the query that landed Lisa McMann her agent for Wake!!! I like the title now better than the title then, but it's fascinating to read and think, This is where it all began.

News: Rick Riordan announced on his blog that his next series (featuring Egyptian mythology this time) has an official release date: May 4, 2010!!!

I know this is a little late...okay, really late, but last week was Banned Books Week. Here are the ten most challenged books of 2008.

Querytracker also went through a full make-over the last couple weeks. I've checked out some of the new features and they look AWESOME! I can't wait to start querying again just so I can play with them...even if that day is awhile in the future.

You may have noticed the new widget on the side of the blog. I decided to put that there for updates on my WIPs instead of talking about them here. I'll try to remember to update it at least twice a week.

BookEnds Jessica has her opinion on male protagonists in women's fiction.

GLA talked about publishing a book while living in another country.

Janet Reid has a few questions to ask prospective agents.

Nathan Bransford discussed what agents do and submitting to editors without an agent.

Pub Rants talked about earning out. That seems to be a popular subject among blogging agents lately.

Queryshark ate five the last couple weeks: a first five pages instead of query, tragicomic novel (what exactly is that?), long crime novel, unfinished fantasy, and a thriller.

TWFT had an interview with the wonderful Lisa Mantchev, author of Eyes Like Stars.

I think I'm finally getting into the swing of things again. A month after starting school... So I'm going to go catch up on stuff and hope that I can sneeze so I can start breathing normally again.


Emilia said...

Great links! Good luck getting into the swing... I'm barely holding on and my feet are dragging on the wood chips. haha