Week in Short Two Days Late

I'm so sorry I'm late! I had one busy weekend. I wasn't home at all between noon Saturday and 9 pm Sunday so WiS pretty much fell to the sidelines. It took me quite awhile last night when I remembered to catch up on all the blog posts. So here is Week in Short, two days late.

There are three Must Reads this week. This first one is from YA Highway on the weight of words and sentences. I know this is really late, but here is Nathan's thoughts on first paragraphs and the winners of his contest! And last but not least, Hannah has her thoughts on word count.

Blood Red Pencil talked about ghostwriters last week. Back before Destiny was even started, I thought the only one of my ideas was going to be finished was if I hired a ghostwriter.

BookEnds agent Jessica answers some random questions.

GLA has the essentials of a novel synopsis.

Querytracker discussed the value of text to voice in editing. It really is a great editing tool. And unlike with reading your manuscript out loud, you can use headphones to listen to it if you don't want anyone listening in.

Rachelle Gardner has a guest blog on a writers' climb and talked about exclamation points and other annoying devices.

Quick warning: Week in Short this week will either be on Saturday or Monday depending on what I'm doing on Saturday and whether or not I keep up with blog posts during the week instead of trying to read them all at one time. I'm going to be away from my computer all day on Sunday (which, sadly, is also the first official day of NaNo).

Jump is almost complete! It currently stands at 41,000 words. My goal is to write two bullet points on the outline (which equals roughly two scenes) a day. If I can do that, Jump will be complete by Friday, just in time for the start of NaNo. Right now I'm procrastinating writing a particularly painful scene. But I will do it...

My NaNo project has an official title now: Aliens Ruined My Life. Much better than whatever I was brainstorming before. Can't wait to start! Though since I'm going to be gone all day on the first, I'm debating if I should start a day early or if I should just accept that I'll have one less day.

Destiny and Shipwrecked will be officially trunked today. Destiny will come back out in December and as for Shipwrecked...I haven't decided yet.


Celise said…
LOL. I like that title. Gearing up for NaNo, too. Stopped outlining at Chapter 6. Good luck toyou!

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