Naming Characters

It's Wednesday again which means YA Highway has another blog carnival! I really liked this week's question, but before I start, I have an exciting announcement. JUMP IS COMPLETE! Final word count: 45,000 words! Which means it's time to put Jump and Hannah away for a month until I can start revisions after NaNo is over.

Okay now for the question: how do you name your characters?

This is a tough one. I don't have any set system for naming them, but I can't write a story without a name. Sometimes I have a name that just comes to me. Like Katie in ARML. Her name didn't require any thought at all. Hannah was the same way.

Then there are times when I can't for the life of me come up with a name that I like. So I turn to my number one source for names: baby name sites. There are whole listings of names for boys and girls. The best ones even show the origins and meanings of names in case you want to choose one based on that too. If you, like me, struggle with coming up with last names, there are sites with those too.

My two favorites are:

First names:

Last names:

If I can't think of a name right away, I just go on those sites and scroll through them until I find one that pops out at me.


Amanda Hannah said…
Congratulations on finishing Jump! I thought about joining in on the NaNo fun this year, but I just don't think it will happen :(

Babyname sites are great resources for names. There are some that even show the trend of popularity for the name which I love to look at as well.

Thanks for playing with us again!!
Ami The Salami said…
I <3 Babynames :)

HR!! You have to change it so that it says 100% COMPLETE!!
Michelle said…
Great post -- and congrats on finishing another WIP!!!!
Leila Austin said…
Congrats on finishing your WIP, and happy NaNoing :-)

I love it when names just come to me without too much thought. It makes life so much easier that way.

I've always found surnames a lot harder than first names, I should definitely try using that last names site.
Amna said…
Congratz on finishing Jump!

And, sometimes I know my character so well. Name, traits etc, But I have no plot for her/him lol

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