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  This week’s topic: 
Quarterly check-in: we did one in March and one in July. Now that we're 3/4 of the way through the year, how are you doing on your goals?
What? No. Not possible. We can't be three-quarters of the way through 2013 already, right?? Wow. Goals-wise, I'm back in school, which means I'm back to settling into my usual routine. 
My reading goal for this year was 100 and, once again, I won't be meeting it. I'm up to 23 right now. I'd be higher, but I'm currently reading three books at the same time (one classic, one reread, and one for class). I also set a goal to read 10 classics and I'm up to 2. I'm taking a class on Tolkien, though, and I'm counting each of his books that I have to read for class as classics on my list.

My only writing goal was to write and that's going relatively well. I don't have a new WIP yet, but I have been working on revisions for my dragon-girl novel. They've been on hold while I'm getting settled, but I'll be starting work again very soon.


I felt the same as you- the year is already 3/4 over? Yikes!
Good luck with your goals. I've done good on the reading front but just now getting back on track with writing.
Cara Davis said…
100 books in a year is super ambitious. But good for you for writing!

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