College: Tips for Cold Season Reprint

This is a partial reprint of my post from last September. It's cold season once more. I was sick two weekends ago and the cough is sticking around. At the same time, most of my roommates got sick along with half of campus. Here are some tips on how to get through it as quickly as possible.

Drink plenty of fluids
The biggest thing when you're sick is to stay hydrated. Keep a bottle of water or your favorite drink in your bag when you're running around campus. I also recommend tea, especially green tea. Peppermint is my personal favorite for when I'm sick, especially if there's a sore throat involved.

This is the best thing for getting better. If you have the chance to take a nap, do it. If not, try to relax and get as much sleep as possible. If you're sick, I don't recommend running around outside, especially if it's cold. The more running around you do, the more likely it's going to take longer for you to get better.

Skip class only if you have to
On a similar note, don't skip class unless you have to. Sometimes it's better to skip class if it means you'll get more rest and recover faster. At the same time, it's hard to make up for lost class time in college. Even if you have someone to get the lecture notes from, it's not the same as being there and being able to write them down in a way that you'll be able to study from easier. There's also the risk of missing quizzes, tests, and assignments.

Keep a ration of supplies 
Around this time, make sure you have supplies, just in case. Just whatever makes you feel better: soup, medicines, vitamins, Kleenex, whatever. It'll be easier to have this stuff now rather than waiting to get sick and have to go to the store for it. 


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