Heroes and Why I Can't Stop Watching It

I know I'm late to the Heroes party (given that it was cancelled four years ago) but I'm addicted. Like genuinely "can't stop watching, thinking about it all the time, curled up in bed for hours watching episode after episode, seriously considering staying up all night" addicted. It's one of those shows that I probably should have saved for Christmas or summer break because I would easily finish it in less than two weeks.

If you've never seen it, Heroes is about a group of people with special powers trying to save the world. It reminds me of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (which starts today and I'm SO EXCITED) and X-Men, but it's also it's own show.

I started watching it on Tuesday and I finished up the first season on Sunday, despite the fact that I have Actual Things to do (like go to class. Once I get started, it's really hard to stop. I expect to finish the second season tomorrow, if not today. 

My favorite thing about the show is the characters. There isn't anyone that I totally love all the time and there isn't anyone that I totally hate all the time (except maybe Jessica). They all make good decisions and horrible decisions. They all have their own histories and their own motivations and their own lives and they all handle the discovery of their powers in their own way.

Then there's Sylar. I shouldn't like Sylar. Sylar isn't complicated like the others. He's terrifying and he knows what he wants and he's going to get it no matter what it takes. He's also played by Zachary Quinto but when I look at Sylar, I don't see Spock. I can barely see how they're played by the same person and, to me, that's incredible.

There are the powers. Some of them are the usual go-to special abilities (mind reading, healing, flying, invisibility) and some of them aren't. I really like some of the ideas for the powers, like the guy that can take on others' powers by being in close proximity to them and the guy who can paint the future.

Finally there's the cliffhangers. I love and hate the cliffhangers. Every episode ends one with "To be continued." EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Which is why I spent my Friday night sitting in bed for eight hours straight (except for the shaky half hour break I took for the new Legend of Korra). It's really hard to find a good stopping point because there isn't one. 

If you've watched Heroes, no spoilers please. I've heard the quality goes down as the seasons go on, but I intend to find out for myself anyway.


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