College: Getting Involved on Campus

Classes are starting and students are heading back to school. College isn't all classes and homework and partying. There are lots of clubs and events that students can get involved in.

Start looking into your options early. If there's a club fair, go wander around and find out more about anything that catches your attention. Most clubs have interest meetings that you can attend without committing. Here you can find out more about the club and what they do. I recommend attending these meetings widely and then cherry-picking the ones that you're really interested in.

Consider getting involved within student government. This can be a great opportunity for leadership experience, planning events, meeting people, and getting your voice heard.

Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. Pick one or two clubs to begin with, keeping track of the time commitment involved. Some clubs require more time than others, especially those that put on a lot of events. Clubs typically are always open to new members, so in a year or two if you decide you have room for another, then you can always join later.

If you attend college close to home, consider staying on campus during most weekends. Typically there are a lot of events on weekends, in addition to it being some of the best homework time. At the same time, be open to new experiences. Do things that you've never done before. You never know what you might enjoy.


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