Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Updates: July 1

The year is officially halfway over. Where is the time going?? I'm not sure if I'm in shock or denial regarding how fast 2013 (and this summer) are passing.

Song of the week: Skeletons by Eli Young Band 

How's Life?
It was a week of ups and downs. It's been storming almost non-stop for most of the week.

How's TV?
I didn't have a lot of time for TV this week, but I'm up to the season three finale of Buffy. I also watched Miracle which is an extremely inspiring and beautiful movie. If you've never seen it, it's the story of coach Herb Brooks leading a team of college hockey players to victory against the seemingly unbeatable Russian team during the 1980 Winter Olympics. I also watched You're So Cupid which is an extremely cheesy movie but in an adorable kind of way.

How's Reading?
Books read: 1
I finished my reread of Paper Towns by John Green and it didn't lose anything in the second reading. It's still a gorgeously written book. This puts me at 17 books so far and, at this rate, I'll only make 34 books this year. To hit goal, I have to read 14 books a month. I'm planning to participate in the Once Upon a Readathon in a couple weeks, so hopefully that will let me cut down the distance a little.

How's Writing?
Total words: 10,694
Best day: 2,992
It was a great week, writing-wise. Unfortunately not all of those words were written on my WIP, but that's okay. I've already hit my word count goal of 60k! I'm estimating about another 5k to 10k to go before "The End." Usually the ending is the easiest part for me but I'm struggling a bit with this one.