Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RTW: Best Book of February

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This week: 
What's the best book you've read in February?

Number of books: 1 (Clearly, I am failing epically at my goal.) 

A Storm of Swords
by George R. R. Martin
This insane. For those of you who haven't read them, this is the third book in A Song of Ice and Fire. It's fantastic, possibly the best so far. It kind of destroyed me. When I got to the ending, I screamed, threw the book across the room, and curled up in a ball around a pillow. I read the last 300 pages in one day, ignoring the fact that I had homework that I really needed to do.

I'm still amazed at this book. There were some huge shocks for me. Some characters I hated that I actually came to like.

I'm dying for A Feast for Crows but it will probably have to wait a couple months at least. I need to catch up on reading my other books and calm down a bit.


Daisy Carter said...

I still haven't jumped on the GRR Martin bandwagon, but I keep hearing how great the books are.

Thanks for the review - any time a book makes me wrap around a pillow or throw it across the room, I know it's killer. You might have sold me.

Another for the TBR pile! Er, well, the first one in the series, anyway!

VikLit said...

I too have this on my TBR pile but may have to move it up ;)

Valia Lind said...

I haven't read any of these books yet. I want to but I'm a bit intimidated? if that's the right word lol I've heard awesome things tho and glad you enjoyed it!

My pick:

Laney McMann said...

I love Martin, too. The series is great.

Crystal said...

Is this the first time that you've thrown the book? I started reading Game of Thrones (awhile ago, but haven't finished it yet) and when I told my friend she said, "Tell me when you throw the book for the first time. Everyone that I know who has read it has done that at some point."

Rachael said...

Crystal: I'm not one for throwing books; it makes me feel guilty. I didn't throw Game of Thrones, but I did throw Clash of Kings once. First book I have ever literally thrown.

Nickie said...

I have read any GRR Martin yet, either (not enough hours in the day!) I've been going through a fantasy kick, so these have been high on the priority list.

Jessica Lewenda said...

I still haven't read this series, but because everyone keeps talking about it--like you--I keep meaning to. I'm kind of intimidated by the sheer size of the series, though, considering I devoured the Wheel of Time series (back when there were only 10 or so) in about 3 months, I shouldn't.