Favorite Sick Day Movies

I came down with a cold this week, of course when I need to do a ton of homework, and I don't feel particularly inspired on what to blog about.

So, here are a few of my favorite sick day movies for when I'm curled up with a blanket, a glass of tea, and some soup.

Ever After
Also my favorite Cinderella interpretation ever. 

The Avengers
Princess Diaries 2
The Proposal
The Three Musketeers
What are some of your favorite movies for a sick day? 


Jessica Lewenda said…
I love watching plotless tv shows like FRIENDS and ADVENTURE TIME when I'm sick. Movies are too long for me, because when I'm sick, I can't concentrate. So episodes where an entire story begins and is resolved are nice. :)
Plus comedy just makes me feel so much better after feeling like shite.
Susan Francino said…
Yes, yes, yes, YES, except... They put airships in The Three Musketeers. And I cannot find it in my heart to forgive them.

Also, for me, LotR, The Holiday, and Tangled.

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