College: Surviving Midterms

Midterm week is upon me once again. It's also the week before spring break so I'm wandering around with a severe lack of motivation. Here are some tips on how to get through one of the busiest weeks of the semester.

Keep strict track of all due dates and exam dates. 
I'm keeping a running list in an Excel document of each day next week and the work that I have to have done before that day. This includes exams, assignments, assigned chapters, and essay due dates. It keeps everything in the same place and shows which days are the busiest.  

Don't leave papers until the night before. 
If you have an essay or research paper due during midterms, start it early. Leaving it off until the last minute can put a lot of pressure on time that you might need to study for another exam. 

Start studying for exams well in advance. 
A few days before an exam, start studying instead of waiting to cram the night before. Your brain will retain the information better and it will take away some of the stress. Make flashcards, review lecture notes, reread chapters, do study guides, or do whatever else helps you study the best. 

Keep up with daily homework. 
Even if it's not due for a few days, don't let yourself fall behind with your regular homework while working on essays and studying for exams.

Give yourself some time off too. 
Don't get burned out. Take short breaks during long study sessions. Give yourself time to relax and unwind so that you don't stress too much.


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