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Next week:  
What are your goals for the new year---for reading, writing, or other?

I've never been one to actually fulfill my New Year's resolutions (or remember what they are half the time) so this year I have decided to set goals instead. Thinks that I can measure and accomplish. Because that's the problem with resolutions. They can't really be measured. 
So, here are a few of my New Year's goals: 

1. Read 100 books
I've been keeping track of the numbers of books I read for the last three years. The first year I went for 100 and just hit 50. The next year I went for 75 and hit 53. Last year I went for 50 and only hit 48. This year I want to shatter those records. 

2. Read 10 classics
I haven't read many classics that weren't school-assigned in my lifetime (and a lot of those school-assigned ones were never finished) so this year I want to change that.

3. Complete 25 hours of volunteer work

4. Do push-ups every morning for a month

5. Do five things that I've never done before
I've tried a lot of things over the past couple of years (ice skating, rock climbing, cliff jumping, making grilled cheese) and I'd like to try a few more.


Unknown said…
Good luck with reading! I was also thinking of picking up some classics. Probably some Jane Austen and Little House on the Prairie (raised in ND, but never read!). I'm hoping to climb a mountain this year so good luck on finding something exciting and new. I think it is always nice to add something like that on the list to mix it up. Cheers!
Colin Smith said…
Wow--my definition of doing things I've never done before would include things like learning Ugaritic and totally pantsing a novel. Never rock climbing and cliff jumping! All the best to you with that. :)

All the best with your 2013 goals, Rachael. :)
VikLit said…
Ooh great list, especially the new t hings! Good luck!
Anonymous said…
I want to do push ups every morning too. I don't think I will, but I support you in your quest.

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