College: One Thing No One Thinks About

I'm going to start from the beginning with a story, I promise that this story has a point.

For awhile now, I've been a little concerned about one of my teeth because it appeared to have a crack in it. It didn't seem too worrying and I don't have dental insurance, so I decided to let it go.

And let it go.

Until that crack started to get deeper. And turned into a cavity.

But I still didn't have dental insurance. So, I let it go.

Then, a couple months ago, the pain kicked in. Like couldn't sleep, was sitting around in bed with an ice pack on my face just to feel some relief, kind of pain. It lasted for about two days and then it disappeared. It was close to the end of the semester so I figured it could wait until I got home.

I got home. The pain was gone so I kept waiting. Then, it came back. This time it lasted for five days. I popped pills like tic tacs until even a dose of Advil PM couldn't help me sleep. It stopped abruptly and the relief lasted a couple weeks.

Then, the back corner of my tooth crumbled away and left a large hole. That's when I decided that it couldn't wait any longer. This morning I went into the dentist. She put in a temporary filling and told me that I'm going to need a root canal this summer and then a crown in the future.

There's actually two morals to this story, the first being: don't wait until the problem is dire before you fix it.

The second moral of the story is prepare for emergencies in college. Find a local doctor and a local dentist. I go to school nine hours away and if something happens where the filling comes out or the pain starts up again, I can't come home to get it fixed.

Ask around to friends, especially those that live locally, for recommendations on a good dentist or doctor. Do it before anything happens because you never know when it might.


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