Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Writing Obsession

Sorry, no teaser this week. I'm trying to settle into one WiP and I feel guilty for skipping around with my teasers.

Writing is an incredible past time. It is something that everyone is able to do, but not something everyone is good at or wants to do. Like everything, writing has its ups and downs. Hours are spent writing, rewriting, editing, brainstorming. But what happens when those hours are all you do?

It is not okay to be obsessed with writing to the point where you block everything else in your life out. It is not okay to put your writing above everything else in importance, including friends, family, your job, sleep, meals.

If you find yourself spending all your days in front of the computer writing, take a break. Take a week and dedicate it to something -- anything -- else. Go to the movies, hang out with friends, go hiking, take a day trip into the city.

The best writing is drawn from everyday experiences. And if you're not getting those everyday experiences, your writing is going to miss out. Some of my best ideas have come while I was in public doing something completely un-writing-related.

So take a break. Don't worry, your writing will still be there when you get back.