Thursday, August 12, 2010

Linger Review

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater
Once Grace and Sam have found each other, they know they must fight to stay together. For Sam, this means a reckoning with his werewolf past. For Grace, it means facing a future that is less and less certain. Into their world comes a new wolf named Cole, whose past is full of hurt and danger. He is wrestling with his own demons, embracing the life of a wolf while denying the ties of being human. For Grace, Sam, and Cole, life is a constant struggle between two forces -- wolf and human -- with love baring its two sides as well. It is harrowing and euphoric, freeing and entrapping, enticing and alarming. As their world falls apart, love is what lingers. But will it be enough?

LINGER is the long awaited sequel to SHIVER and the second book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series. I thought it would be the kind of book that is both beautiful and heart-wrenching and I was right.

Like Shiver, Linger is told through multiple point of views, four this time. Normally this would seem like too much and get confusing, but it didn't bother me here. Though I did feel like through the first half of the book, Grace and Sam's story fell to the wayside in favor of Cole and Isabel's. Cole was by far my favorite PoV character. Even though he was arrogant and conceited, I felt like I wanted to know his story more than anyone else's.

The dialogue was amazing. There were a few lines -- usually between Isabel and Cole -- that I had to say out loud because they were so cool.

I was right, the ending did hurt. I wanted to cry but I was too in shock with how everything ended. I need FOREVER. Now.

Overall: 8/10. Liked it but I still loved Shiver a lot more.


I loved every word of the scene where Cole and Isabel kiss for the first time. It's just so raw and real. Beautiful.

Grace goes on and on about how her parents don't understand but she's acting like a little kid throwing a tantrum.

I didn't like the off-hand way Grace and Sam just kind of skirted around her illness for the longest time. I knew something serious was going on as soon as she started feeling hot and Sam started smelling wolf on her. I just figured maybe she was a late-bloomer and she was going to start shifting. Yet they wait until she's almost DEAD before they do anything about it.