Friday, August 13, 2010

Week in Short

Happy Friday the thirteenth everyone! Don't break any mirrors, walk under any ladders, or step on any cracks. I can't believe August is almost half over...and I've accomplished NOTHING. Guess I'm going to have to change that. This week I learned that small children are the best form of birth control, staying up until 6:30 in the morning is NEVER a good idea and neither is drinking half a Monster before going to bed, and my one-year-old niece and cousin know how to fist-bump. My family is awesome.

Song of the Week: If Ever I Could Love by Keith Urban

The biggest thing on the internet this week was WriteOnCon! If you've been living under a rock, WriteOnCon was a totally free, online writers' conference for young adult and under writers. If you missed it, everything has been archived online so that you can check out the wealth of information too.

Must Read:
6 tips on how to critique with grace
Sexual double standards in literature
Don't EVER give up [If I wasn't too lazy to go out in the living room, hook up the laptop to the printer, and print this out (Note to self: buy wireless printer), I would do all that and tack this post on my wall. Not kidding.]
Common writing maladies

YA fantasy showdown has begun! Vote for your brackets! Includes Katsa vs Edward Cullen, Jace vs Daniel, Eragon vs Sabriel, Katniss vs Tally, and Alanna vs Meliara.

Behind the scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean 4!

Adventures in Agentland:
Cheater's guide to requested materials

Adventures in Space:
Query tips and suggestions part 1 and part 2

Blood-Red Pencil:
12 do's and don'ts of first pages

Query recap

Jodi Meadows:
Planning a trilogy (Could also be great advice for planning a standalone)

Rachelle Gardner:
Questions to ask during "the call"

Story Flip:
What to do when you're not sure where to go next
Where was I going with revisions again?

Writer Unboxed:
Interview with MacAllister Stone part 2

I didn't get a lot of writing done this week. What hours I didn't spend with family Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I spent trying to catch up on WriteOnCon.

Burning Bridges -- 13.3k. I'm a little bit stuck on how to go about the next scene. Skylar keeps surprising me and I'm about ready to kick Kaye.

The Elite -- almost 6k. It's been calling to me again lately. I really need to figure out exactly where it's going at the moment. I don't want this part of the story to be boring, but there are things that need to happen and I need to figure out how.

Jump -- an outline has started to form and rewrites have begun.

Everyone have an awesome weekend and I'll see you on Monday!


~Jamie said...

Ahhh I am so glad you got such great info out of writeoncon! That makes me smile! I am with you though on the whole not getting a lot of writing done. ARGH..... but I've worked on it today, so that's something--right?