Monday, August 2, 2010

Week in Short

Today is...Friday. Yes? Yes. Sorry I got about five hours sleep last night after staying up until 3:30. I feel like my body's conscious but my brain is still sleeping. I'm hanging out with my niece today though starting at noon so I had to get up early to post this before I left.

Must Read:

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New trailer for Voyage of the Dawn Treader was released!

Literary agent, Natalie Fischer is blogging!

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Socially Acceptable Schizophrenia:
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Writer Unboxed:
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YA Highway:
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Jump -- Officially pulled off the query train. I had some partial rewrite ideas that I think are going to make it a lot better...if I can just figure out how it's going to end. I'm thinking about taking the second half in a whole other direction. I cut 27,000 words in scenes this week, finished the outline for the first half, and am about ready to start rewriting.

The Elite -- stalled at 5k while I try to figure out what comes between the last major plot point and the next one.

Burning Bridges -- My new project. I've decided to do AugNoWriMo with it and it's going very well. I hit 7k Wednesday night.

Everyone have an awesome weekend and I'll see you on Monday!