Week in Short

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! You guys do not know how ecstatic I am that today is Friday. To those of you who are already free from school obligations until the new year, I hate you. (Just kidding!) I'm just jealous. I have to drag myself out of bed on Monday and Tuesday for the simple reason that I have two tests on Monday and I can't skip one day only to need it later. So yeah. It sucks, but I'm used to it.

This is how the next couple weeks are going to go. There will be posts on Monday and Tuesday as normal. Then I'm taking Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off to enjoy my wonderful family Christmas and then I shall return on the following Monday.

Also, I finished City of Bones yesterday at the expense of my homework. I will not be reviewing it for a few reasons. The first and foremost is that I'm still not sure if I want to throw the book out the window or run to the nearest Borders and buy City of Ashes. I'm going to read the next two books and then maybe I'll post a review of the full series. I'm just not in any state to do one right now and if you've ever read the book, you'll understand why. :)

I think that's all my random thoughts for today. So let's more into the news of the week. (Oh btw, there will be no Week in Short next week. I'll keep up with my blog reading and just post two weeks worth of news on the second (which, incidentally, is a Saturday.))

BookEnds talked about negotiating your contract and looking for agents for multiple genres.

GLA has 8 links to great articles covering revisions. I need to go read those...

Nathan Bransford blogged about writing contests.

Pubrants answered a lot of questions this week. Round one covered instant turn-offs, the effects of e- and self-publishing credits in querying, and Kirkus reviews closing. Round two covered Authonomy and the like, YA trends, what to do with form rejections, and more.

Querytracker has an awesome post on the best time to query.

TWFT has a great post on passive main characters and an interview with Steph Bowe.

Writer Unboxed has a beautiful Christmas fable and a post on how to make time for writing in the busy holiday season.

That's all the news for this week!

Jump is coming along well. I finished my first read-through and the revision suggestions to myself topped out at seven pages. I organized them last night and tonight I'm going to start to put them into affect. My goal is to have Jump beta ready by the 28th.

Keith's story on the other hand is not going well. Editing and NaNo and stress seems to have chased my muse away. If anyone has seen her, I'd like her to come home.

Everyone have an awesome weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday :)


Madeline-Rose said…
Ooooooohhhhhhhh. City of Bones!

That was to be my favourite book. I love the entire series! I kinda understand why you wouldn't want to do a review, but make sure you read the rest of the series!

It's worth it.

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