Sucks to Be Me Review

Sucks to Be Me by Kimberley Pauley

I loved this book! It's definitely an interesting twist on the idea of vampires. The voice caught me from the beginning and the plot kept me interested. I especially like the last line in the second paragraph on the first page. Read it and you'll know what I mean. I liked the idea of a vampire council and how the "turnings" were done.

The characters were starting to annoy me towards the end. Mina is so blind when it comes to guys. I just want to walk into the story and slap her a few times. The ending however, I really liked. Though it seemed a little sudden.


Emilia Plater said…
HAHA. Oh, blind-around-boy girls in YA. Such a trope... one that I'm guilty of. Nice review - this sounds interesting!

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