Friday, December 11, 2009

Week in Short

It's been a long week around here. Lots of snow and ice during the last three days outside. Two inches of snow still on the ground and it's freezing outside. Christmas dance is tomorrow and I had to go shopping tonight to pick up my shoes. I also got Winter's End so expect a review sometime after I finish City of Bones. I also discovered that one of my favorite bookstores is indeed closing.

I'm finally back to doing WiS again!

Quite a bit of news this week, but none of it actually good, unfortunately.


I'm sad to announce that both the Rappaport Agency and Kirkus Reviews are closing. I wish Jenny and all those involved with both companies luck in the new year.

The entire WordServe Literary Agency and Jennifer Jackson are closing to queries until January 15th in order to catch up with their load and enjoy their well-deserved holidays.

GLA has seven things I've learned by Diana Jenkins.

Kody has an interview with Jennifer Hubbard, author The Secret Year, a fellow tenner.

Kristin has a list of her top five favorite YA girl characters. I came up with such a long list that I might have to write my own post next week just to fit them all.

Nathan Bransford has a look at his new blog and forum and also a post on pen names.

OPWFT has an interview with Jennifer Brown, author of the Hate List, and a book giveaway!

TWFT has an interview with Rhonda Stapleton.

It's been awhile since I've had a proper WiS so I'm going to bore you all with a quick runthrough of the progress of my WIPs.

Destiny - is on hold until Jump is out with betas. My goal to have it beta ready by January 15th still stands.

Jump - I'm giving it a read-through and making a list of all the big picture type things that I need to do. Character changes, scene tweaking, things like that. I've already got a list that's five pages long and I'm only a little over half finished.

ARML - also on the shelf. Probably won't come off until both Destiny and Jump are with my betas.

Keith's Story - this is my new WIP that I never expected to have. I've had the idea for years, I was just waiting for a plot line to pop into my head. Unfortunately Wednesday morning one did. I managed to hold off Keith (the MC) for almost the whole day, but then I just had to give in and start writing it. I wrote five pages over the course of an hour and haven't touched it since.

That's all for now! I'm going to go back to watching HBP. Everyone have an awesome weekend and I'll see you next week :)