Friday, December 4, 2009

Interview with Maria and Dylan

This week I have two of my favorite characters, Maria and Dylan from Shipwrecked...with a Boy, in the studio with me. If you know about my writing, Shipwrecked has been trunked pending a rewrite. If you don't, well, I just told you.

Me: Hello, Dylan and Maria!

Dylan: Hi everyone.

Maria: Hi. *grins*

Me: So, Dylan, you and Maria are the starring characters in Shipwrecked. Can you tell me how all of this began?

Dylan: When the cruise ship wrecked, of course. Maria and I both washed up on the same island.

Me: Interesting. Did you two know each other before meeting on the island?

Maria: We'd met on the cruise ship when our parents had a business meeting, but other than that we didn't talk much. I wasn't quite sure what to think about him when we first met.

Dylan: I liked you right away. *smiles at her*

Maria: Shut up, you did not.

Dylan: Did too.

Maria: You told me you didn't believe in love at first sight.

Me: Okay, you two. I haven't rewritten the book yet.

Maria: So? We can't tell you a few of the things that happen beforehand?

Me: No! I need to finish editing Jump, Destiny, and ARML first!

Maria: Aw come on! You multi-task all the time.

Me: No. If I start writing something new, I'll never edit and then they'll never be done.

Dylan: Finish ARML first.

Me: Why?

Dylan: *shrugs* I want to read it.

Me: Okay... Dylan why don't you tell me something about yourself before you were shipwrecked?

Dylan: Well, I've lived in Southern California all my life. I went to the beach like every weekend, mostly to meet girls.

Maria: *glares at him*

Dylan: *squeezes her towards him* I hadn't met you yet. Anyway, my dad's a doctor and my mom's an accountant. We went on the cruise to get away from everything and get some alone time. I'd just broken up with my girlfriend a few days before the trip, so I really didn't want to go. But I'm glad they made me.

Me: Maria, same question.

Maria: *stares at Dylan* Sorry, what was the question?

Me: *snaps fingers* Can you tell us something about you before the shipwreck?

Maria: I was pretty popular in school. I had a lot of friends and went to all the parties. My parents are both businesspeople and they run a popular pizza place in SoCal. My boyfriend broke up with me just before I got on the cruise saying that he wanted to take a break. Personally I think he wanted to make out with half the school while I was gone without feeling guilty. I blamed my parents for our breakup because they were the ones making me leave my friends for the month-long cruise.

Me: Both of you went through a lot of challenges over the course of the story. What was probably the hardest for you, Maria?

Maria: Losing my memory. You don't know how much you rely on memories until they're all gone.

Me: What about you Dylan?

Dylan: It's hard to say. It's either watching Maria struggle to remember who I am and who she is, or waiting for the rescue boats to come when there was no help in sight.

Me: This question is for both of you. What is the one thing that you refuse to eat even if it means going hungry?

Dylan: I refuse to eat dog. I used to have a dog when I was younger, Blackie. Her real name was Gypsy, but I refused to call her that. I didn't even know what a gypsy was back then.

Maria: Snake. *shivers* I hate snakes with a passion. I don't mind them as long as they're far, far away from me or behind two inches of glass in the zoo.

Me: We'll see about that. If you had to stay on the island forever, what would you miss most?

Maria: My family and friends. And running water and hot showers. I miss those already and I'm not even there.

Dylan: My family. I wouldn't miss my friends so much, since they weren't really my friends exactly. I didn't really fit in with the geeks or the jocks or anywhere really. And vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup on top. You can't find that on a deserted island.

Me: One last question, what would you two miss the least?

Dylan: The hustle and bustle of the city. I always dreamed of moving out into the country after I graduated from college. Maybe getting a nice house with acreage so I could have a couple horses, a few dogs, maybe a cow or sheep or two.

Maria: *leans against his chest* That does sound nice. That's a hard one... I think I would miss the lonely nights at home the least. The ones when it's just me in our huge house because my parents are working late. Some of those nights I don't even eat dinner, I just go into my room, turn on some loud music, and dance until I want nothing more than to fall asleep.

Me: Thanks for joining me both of you. *smiles* I promise I'll get to your rewrite as soon as I can. I started it awhile back, but you guys didn't want to talk to me. When I listen this time, make sure your ready to tell me the story.

Dylan: Will do. Bye everyone!

Maria: Sorry. *frowns* Bye!


Emilia Joyce Plater said...

*squee* They're so cute :D I love this.

Leah Michelle said...

Adorable! This was a fun idea!

Amna said...


They are so cute :)

Loved the interview!