Write or Die

I HATE having only one computer. You do not truly appreciate your computer time until your computer disappears and you have to share with your writer mom. Trust me on this. One week survived, two to three to go. And the worst part is, I still don't have my backup files. Which means I can't turn in that AP Lit essay (which means I'm probably failing right now, but I'm too scared to check my grades to see), I don't have my notes for the book reviews I had planned, and I don't have the first 10k of my nano project.

*sighs* Anyway...a few random notes before I begin.

I finished Bloodhound. Review will come eventually. I've started Sucks to be Me. There will definitely be a review on this one. :D

I hit the halfway point on ARML. YAY! Goal is to hit 35k this weekend. Only 16 days left!

Taylor Swift won Entertainer of the Year at the CMAs the other day, a title that is usually given to Kenny Chesney if I remember correctly. I am so happy for her and ecstatic right now. :D Personally I think every girl has a Taylor Swift song that describes them perfectly. I have two right now that are mine.

By now you might be wondering what the title of this post has to do with anything. Because I can't think of anything else to write about, I'm going to tell you about Write or Die, writers' block's worst nightmare.

WoD is a website where you choose a time limit and a word count goal. The smallest time limit you can choose is ten minutes, which I kind of hate because I think I'd rather write in five minute spurts rather than ten, but whatever. Underneath that you can choose a consequence if you stop writing and a grace period.

The three grace periods are Forgiving, Strict, and Evil. I've been using Forgiving lately because I have serious writers' block.

The consequences you can choose from are Gentle, Normal, and Kamikaze. Gentle is the one I've been using because I can't have sound with my mom listening to music and Kamikaze scares me (more on that in a second). Gentle mode just gives you a pop-up reminding you to keep writing. Of course that doesn't work if you have a computer like mine that either doesn't allow pop-ups or is just screwed up in general (not really sure what the problem is). Normal mode plays an extremely annoying song or sound until you keep writing again. Kamikaze mode is the worst. If you stop writing for over the allotted time, it starts to delete what you wrote before. Crazy, huh? I'd never do that... There's also a fourth mode that says Electric Shock that you can't select. I think I'll stay away from that one...

If you don't write well under pressure and still want to use WoD, I'd suggest starting out with Gentle mode and a Forgiving grace period. Now I'm going to go get rid of this writers' block and see if I can write 4.5k today. Happy writing guys!


Ami The Salami said…
I can never write on WoD... Hahah :)

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