Chapter Length

It's something that a lot of new writers obsess over though it doesn't have a lot of bearing on a story. I've read books with everything from one to two page chapters (which got a little annoying after awhile, but it was easy to keep track of how many chapters I was reading and keep myself from losing track of time) to books that only had ten chapters and 384 pages.

Does it really matter what your chapter's length is? No. In fact, it can vary. You can have chapters that are a few pages long and other chapters that are ten or fifteen. Just do whatever works for your book.

Because I'm curious, here's a cute little poll. When reading (or writing) what chapter length do you prefer?

What chapter length do you prefer? Online Casinos
Very short (1-3 pages)
Short (4-7 pages)
Medium (7-10 pages)
Long (10-15 pages)
Very long (15+ pages)
No preference

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Static Void said…
I prefer very long... mine are about 20 pages each (in double spaced and stuff)

I do sometimes prefer a shorter one though... around 10 pages or so
Celise said…
When I write, I prefer 12 pages per chapter and do my best to stick to that.

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