Interview with Claudia and Erik

Okay, I planned to do this...12 days ago on Destiny's actual one-year birthday, but that's when everything hit me so happy belated birthday, Destiny! *cue noise-makers* In celebration of this event, I'm going to interview the two main characters, Claudia and Erik. Hello guys!

Claudia and Erik: Hello!

Claudia: Thanks for having us.

Me: You're welcome. You're always welcome around here. Being my first characters and all.

Erik: I thought that was Fluffy.

Me: Shut up. Stories that I wrote when I was six don't count.

Claudia: Aww, but Fluffy was so cute.

Me: *rolls eyes* All right, let's get started.

Selma: *walks in without knocking* Am I late?

Me: Selma, this is an interview between me, Claudia, and Erik. I was planning on having yours in celebration of the one year anniversary of Destiny's completion.

Selma: Too bad. Besides, you don't even know what day that is.

Me: All right, you can stay. You didn't tell anyone else, did you?

Selma: *looks guilty* No...

Me: I guess that means we'd better get started before someone else comes barging in. Claudia, can you tell us something about you?

Claudia: Well...I'm eighteen years old and I live in Walraven, the capital, with Erik and my friends. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I'm kind of short and I used to be skinny, but not so much anymore.

Erik: *grabs Claudia's hand and kisses it* You're beautiful.

Selma: Knock it off you too. Andreas' had to go visit the isles and I'm tired of you two wandering around looking like lovestruck puppies.

Claudia: *glances at Selma* You didn't seem to have a problem with it on the Skeppa.

Me: No fighting you two. Erik, why don't you go next?

Erik: All right. I'm almost nineteen years old and I also live in Walraven. I have an ability that allows me to sense the presence of other people and what they're doing. It's because of it that I got imprisoned on Isle Fanlar for three years, though if I hadn't, I never would've met Claudia.

Me: Claudia, you have an ability as well. Can you tell us about that?"

Claudia: *nods* I can control people through words. So if I told Selma to leave this room and never return, she'd do it. Not that I'd ever do something like that.

Me: And do you like this ability?

Claudia: *shrugs* It's okay and I can turn it off so people don't have to do what I'm telling them. I'd hate to have that kind of control. But when I get angry, it can still get out of control.

Me: Perhaps you should work on that. Selma, you were the first in the story to discover these abilities. Can you tell me what yours is and how you did that?

Selma: Sure. My ability is conversing with plants. Sometimes I can hear their thoughts as well, but that was more when I was first discovering my ability. I had to learn how to tune at least some of them out so I wouldn't go insane hearing billions of plants all the time. It all started when I stepped on a dandelion and it started yelling at me. I had no idea that dandelions knew so many curse words, but apparently they've picked up a few things from us.

Me: Just a couple more questions, you three, I don't want to bore our readers.

Selma: Are you saying we're boring?

Me: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Starting with Erik.

Erik: Can it be my family?

Me: Sure.

Erik: Then that's what I'd change about myself. Nikolaus is okay now, but I've always wanted a big family.

Claudia: *touches his hand* I told you, you have a big family. Look at me, Selma, Andreas, and everyone else. What more could you want?

Erik: Have I ever told you I love you?

Me: Only a hundred times since the fire. What about you, Selma?

Selma: *frowns* I'd change my recklessness. I mean, pranks are fun and all, but there is a line.

Claudia: I've been trying to tell you that for years.

Me: *laughs* Okay, Claudia, what would you change about yourself?

Claudia: I lose control of my anger easily. I used to be more in control, but ever since I found my ability, it's been a lot easier for me to lose control and let it run away from me.

Me: Okay, last question guys. If you found someone with the power to grant you each one wish, what would you wish for? Selma, you first this time.

Selma: I'd wish for...a teleporter. That way Andreas would be able to visit places and come back within hours instead of weeks. And I think it would just be awesome to be able to go anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye.

Me: I'll remember that if you guys get another book. Claudia?

Erik: Wait. We might get another book?

Me: We'll see. I know Carina is getting one, and maybe Selma, but we'll have to see about the rest of you. Maybe next NaNo. Now don't interrupt.

Claudia: I'd wish for more hours in the day. Like maybe 30-hour days instead of 24. I just need more time.

Me: You and me both. What about you Erik?

Erik: I'm with Claudia and Selma. A teleporter would be useful and so would more hours in the day. I'd probably wish for something that allows me to fly over the land so I don't have to ride Spela anytime I want to visit another city or get a car.

Claudia: That would be sweet.

Me: Okay, any last thoughts guys?

Selma: Yeah, what is this I heard about me getting my own story?

Me: I never said that.

Selma: Yeah, you di--

Me: OKAY let's get out of here guys. Thanks for coming tonight. Say goodbye everyone!

Claudia, Erik, and Selma: Goodbye!


Madeline-Rose said…

That was really entertaining! I loved that interview, it was awesome!
Karla said…
Hehe this was awesome! I loved it! It was really cute!

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