Interview with Katie

Me: Hope everyone had a great holiday and an awesome weekend! :) This week I have the MC of Aliens Ruined My Life, Katie, with us. Say hello, Katie.

Katie: Hello, Katie.

Me: *rolls eyes* Katie why don't you tell us about yourself?

Katie: Before or after the invasion?

Me: After. That is when your story starts.

Katie: Not really. Maybe you should write another one. A prequel.

Me: Maybe next year for nano. I'm kind of tempted to write Illiandora's story. Don't you think that would be cool?

Katie: Maybe you should explain who Illiandora is.

Me: I'm the interviewer here. Now, why don't you tell us about yourself after the invasion.

Katie: Well, I have brown hair and brown eyes. My hair is kind of wavy at the ends. I don't like to be interrupted when I'm reading and I like to be sarcastic sometimes.

Me: Sometimes?

Katie: Hey, every character has some part of their writer in them. Unlike most people, I don't mind homework as long as it's not a pile of physics worksheets, but I'd rather stay in bed than go to class.

Me: So tell me about Liz and David. How are they doing?

Katie: Liz is my best friend. She's doing great. She and Nate broke up for awhile, but now they're back together. They're both planning on going to U of M when they graduate. As for David, he's my boyfriend. He's pretty hot and he's got this awesome Polish accent.

Me: Very nice. So there are aliens in ARML. Can you tell me a little about them?

Katie: You would know. Yes, there are aliens in ARML. More than you expected, huh?

Me: Yes. They weren't actually supposed to play a part. *glares*

Katie: Why are you looking at me? It was your story. You are the one that decided to screw with my life.

Me: It was your idea!

Katie: Whatever.

Me: Anyway, why don't you tell us why 1984 is your favorite book? You reread it a few times over the course of ARML.

Katie: I have no idea, I just like it. I mean, it's like a nationally available Mayan calendar or an old, book version of Day After Tomorrow and 2012.

Me: Have you seen 2012?

Katie: Not yet, David and I are going to see it next week.

Me: Let me know if it's good. So do you believe the world's going to end in 2012?

Katie: Heck no. Why are we even talking about this anyway?

Me: I have no idea. I'm just saying the first thing that comes to mind.

Katie: I think your mind needs to go back to ARML.

Me: Fine. What's your favorite movie?

Katie: Day After Tomorrow and Prince and Me.

Me: Why Prince and Me?

Katie: *shrugs* It kind of reminds me of David and I. Only he's not a prince and he doesn't drive like a maniac and he's Polish.

*knock on the door and David walks in*

David: Hey, sweetie. *kisses Katie on the cheek* I have reservations for dinner tonight. They're in half an hour.

Me: Glad to see you two are still together. David, what do you like best about Katie?

David: *looks at Katie* The fact that she's good at biology and is willing to help me with my homework so I don't fail.

Me: And if you failed, you'd have to leave Ridgedale. Right?

David: Right. So far it looks like I'm staying.

Me: That's great! Katie, what do you like best about David?

Katie: His hair. *tousles David's blonde hair*

Me: Okay you two, I'm going to let you get going. Don't stay out too late.

Katie: We won't. Bye everyone!


Emilia Plater said…
Awww that was so fun to read. haha. More, more!

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