Writing Wednesday

It's been a long week...oh, wait, it's only Wednesday. :( Just two more days until the weekend. At least, that's what I keep telling myself. I have an essay due tomorrow that I'm supposed to be writing right now. I'll get to it, promise. Yesterday my mom lost her job. Again. And tomorrow we're going to get my learner's permit. Oh joy.


Andra is much the same as last week. I'm still on chapter three. As soon as I get this essay done, I have some critiques that I must go through for it.

Shipwrecked is on hold. I'm still waiting for two beta's critiques and I'm considering asking for another. As soon as I get one back, the serious overhaul will begin.

Assassin's Wife is finally out of the mud and coming along slowly. It's quite dark so I don't like to write it much right now. Life is depressing enough without having to hurt Rebekah too.

No Kissing is coming along very slowly. I'm not exactly sure where it stands at the moment. I must get it back on track.

I finally gave into the voices and started Jump. It's been bugging me for about two weeks now. Been a long time since an idea kept bugging me after I wrote it on my list. I wrote 10 pages the first day and then it just kinda fizzled out. The general idea of Jump is:

Hannah just wanted to end it. When she jumped out the window of her family's three-story home she intended to end her life -- not end up in a coma in the hospital. While unconscious, she relives her life and remembers what brought her to the edge.

It's a lot of fun at the moment. I'm writing a novel in present tense for the first time ever (I've done shorts in present, but never a full length novel) and it's actually going better than I expected. There's only a couple spots where I accidentally switched over.

Well...I guess I'd best get working on that essay. Have a good rest of the week. :)


Chanelley said…
Love the idea of jump. Sounds so unique!

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