News of the Writing World

It has been such a long week! Only nine more days until summer vacation. It's going to be a long nine days. Ahh well, at least it's Memorial Day weekend. I'm not going anywhere interesting, but I'll be glad to get some rest.

I've started running every day in an attempt to be fitter and hopefully try out for track myself next year. That's going well though who knew spending an entire winter inside the house on the laptop and then suddenly starting to run every day would make your legs so sore...

I was actually in a writing mood this morning. Unfortunately said writing mood hit while I was in History and, now that I have time to write, is gone.

Here's the News of the Writing World.

The QueryTracker Blog is running another contest in celebration of Querytracker's second birthday. The objective is to write a sentence with the purplest prose you can. The grand prize is a free subscription to QueryTracker. Look here for more details. And if you don't know what "purple prose" means, then check out the link anyway. I actually just learned what it meant.

If you're good at anagrams check this contest out here! It's another contest by the QueryTracker blog and there are some awesome prizes! I'm probably not going to enter since I generally am not good at anagrams.

This one is first for a reason. Read it. Awesome post on over-shopping query letters.

Rachelle Gardner has a post here about getting ahead of yourself while writing and considering publication. I may or may not be guilty of it...

Slightly related to the above event, the QueryTracker blog has announced the winners of the one-line pitch contest here!

Mrs. Gardner also has an amazing post about learning to write here. Read the comments too as there is some great advice from published authors.

Continuing with the characterization article from last week, Writer Unboxed has a Q&A here. It's great. Seriously. Now I just need to figure out what nice quality I can give the "villain" in Assassin's Wife.

From our latest member at TWFT (Teens Writing For Teens, a teen writer blog that I write for along with a bunch of my teen writer friends), we have a post on voice here. I'm still trying to find my writing 'voice'. I hope it shows up soon.

Nathan Bransford and BookEnds both posted on the same topic: requerying agents, strangely enough, on the same day. You can find Nathan's here and the BookEnds post here.

That's all for this week! :) I'm going to lay here in bed and hope my leg muscles stop screaming every time I try to walk two feet. Anyone have an idea how long this lasts?

Have a great weekend everyone! I may start Snippet Saturday tomorrow if I can find a snippet that I find acceptable and if I have time. Going over to my uncle's tomorrow to watch horse racing on his flat screen.


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