Writing Wednesday

A few random thoughts first. :) My internet has gone insane. Yesterday it didn't work at all. Tonight it flickers off about every five minutes, but at least it's working. Somewhat.

I have a new favorite song: You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift. If you like country music or Taylor Swift and you haven't heard it, GO NOW! Seriously, I love Taylor Swift and this is my favorite song that she sings. The video is so cute!

I also passed the written part of my drivers test today! With an 83%! Which means I have two more weeks of driving lessons and then my first part of drivers ed is over and I am officially able to get my learners!

The Bolt review is coming! Eventually...

Okay on to the point of Writing Wednesday...writing!

Andra - Is on hold. I hate the draft I was querying and have decided to do a full edit on it. Once that's done, then I will start querying again, hopefully with better results this time. Fourteen straight rejections are a little wearing.

Black Diamond - I'm thinking about a rewrite. Until I figure out if I should shelve it, decide if the current draft is salvageable, or choose to do a rewrite, it's on hold.

Shipwrecked: Still with betas. Which reminds me...now that my internet is back I should probably check my e-mail. After I get the replies it'll be revisions, revisions, revisions based on their suggestions, a final edit, and then some querying.

Assassin: On hold as well. I'm kind of stuck here. Once my internet stops giving me headaches I figure I'll be able to start work again. That two hours that got taken away by drivers ed really made a difference on my writing time.

No Kissing: Has been stuck for a couple days as well, but I'll start working again.

Until I can catch up on my Andra edits, most of my writing will probably be on hold for a while.


GeminiWisdom said…
Did you write all these stories at the same time? Are these novel-length? How did you find beta readers?

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