The Answer to Most Writing Questions

I've seen a lot of writers ask questions that come with a very simple answer: Read More.

"Is sex okay for YA?"

"What's the difference between YA and MG?"

"How long should be chapters be?"

"Can I do this thing?"

"How do I write a long scene of dialogue?"

"What genre is my book?"

If you read more books, you'll often find the answer to your question. Be well-read within your genre. Read other genres. Read for other markets. Read non-fiction. Read books from authors you like, authors you don't, authors you've never heard of.

Find those books you love and then think about what's so compelling about them. Think about the characters, the plot, the pacing. This doesn't mean try to turn those books into a formula for your own book, it just means studying from the masters to figure out what you can do to make your book better.

Read. More.


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