RTW -- What Animal?

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  Next week’s topic: 
If you could be any animal, which would it be, and why?
My answer to this question varies depending on how I look at it. If I read it as which animal would I be, the answer is a horse. Like a lot of young girls, I was bitten by the horse bug. Unlike a lot of young girls, I never grew out of it. I was about nine, a friend of my father's offered to let me ride his old gelding, and the moment I was up on his back, I was hooked. It completely broad-sided my mom--who was and still is a huge horse person--because, as she likes to tell me, prior to that I was terrified of horses.

After that, though, I was hooked. I'd set up jump courses in the backyard and gallop over them, pretending to be a champion show jumper. In 2004, I fell in love with Smarty Jones and horse racing and decided, if I couldn't be a racehorse, then I'd become a jockey. 

I'd become a wild horse, not a Mustang because they aren't as free as they used to be, but something where I could gallop over miles of open land.

If I read the question as what animal would I choose to be, then the answer is a bird. Probably some kind of bird of prey, like an osprey, eagle, or hawk. I'd love to be able to fly, really fly.


Thanks for commenting on my blog, Rachel. I just realized, there was nothing in the rules that said the animal had to be real. You could choose a flying horse, if you really wanted.

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