New Members of the Family

I've grown up in an animal-loving family and so we've always had furry creatures of some kind in the house. Last winter, while I was home, my mom decided that she wanted another guinea pig. We'd kept them for years, but they all passed on before I went away to college and she hadn't gotten another one since.

I named the new guinea pig Oswin, after Clara Oswin Oswald on Doctor Who, even after he turned out to be male.

At the start of the summer, Mom decided that she wanted to breed him. So we bought a little female--Ziva, named after Ziva David on NCIS--and put them together. She took and I worried that she wouldn't have her babies before I left to go back to school.

Wednesday night I was sitting in bed, their cage in my room, and I heard a strange squeaking noise. I got up to check it out and, sure enough, she'd already delivered two babies and was in the process of having a third. I sat up to make sure everything was okay (guinea pig deliveries are commonly difficult) but she did fine and turned out to be a very attentive mommy.

Guinea pig babies are born with their eyes and ears open, and able to eat solid food (though they do nurse).

Babies' first outing! They're not even a day old yet here...

 These later ones are from an outing the next day, only one day old.

I'm relatively certain that the one with the brown face is a female, already named Indy after Indiana Jones because she was the most adventurous on day one. The one with the black face and the one with the white spot I believe are males. I haven't named either of them yet, so suggestions are welcome. Bonus points for names that are TV show/movie/book references.


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