College: 5 Things to Do the Week Before

At the time of posting, I have four days until I go back to school. I've officially left the denial phase--(What do you mean summer is over? It's June! It can't be over)--and moved into the anxious phase--(So much to do and so little time to do it. How am I going to get all of this done? Why didn't I start earlier?). Here are some tips to help with that frantic week before.

Get with roommates about move-in arrangements, if you haven't already
If you're not commuting, then find out when you can move in and make arrangements with roommates. It's important to know who is moving in first and how things will go. If you're really organized, you can decide which side of the room each of you want or you can just do what most people do and first-come first-serve.

Pick up last minute items
If you haven't gone shopping yet (and if you're not waiting to get there so you don't have to ship all your stuff like me), then get out there. The closer to the start of the semester, the more things start to look picked over.

Pack up everything
Try not to leave packing until the last minute. You may find out that you need more totes or boxes than you expected, and run into problems if you're packing on the last day before you leave. Try to organize things to make them easier to find when you're unpacking. If you're a freshman, be careful what you pack. If you realize you need something, someone can always send it to you or you can just wait to come home over the holidays. 

Say goodbye to friends and family
Leaving people behind is tough, so make sure to set aside a little time in the craziness to hang out with friends and family before you leave. 

Make sure you have everything
Small things are easy to leave behind. Make sure you have any important documents, your school ID if you already have one, any textbooks, your phone charger, your laptop charger, and anything else that you're going to need.


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