Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Writing When the Wind Blows...

It's hot and humid and miserable outside, which as always makes me hope for rain, and that got me thinking. I've always liked thunderstorms. I like watching the lightning split the sky and the rain pour down and listen to the thunder knocking on the windows.

Something about it helps me write, especially when it's late in the evening. Late enough that it's dark outside, so I can't see the rain, but if I open my window a crack I can still hear it coming down. But still not so late that I'm tired and should go to bed.

It's hard for me to write when it's beautiful and sunny outside, when the temperature is just right and the humidity is low so it doesn't feel like it's hard to breathe. That's when I want to be outside, be out living life instead of sitting inside somewhere typing away.

On days like that, I have to wait until the evening to write when it's too dark to do anything else.

Does the weather affect your writing? Or do you get those words down, rain or shine?