Wednesday, June 12, 2013

RTW -- Packing for a Post-Apocalyptic Future

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This week’s topic: 
If you time-traveled to a post-apocalyptic future, what would you bring?

This is a really tricky one, because for me it depends on what kind of post-apocalyptic future. Is it like Hunger Games or City of Ember or Forest of Hands and Teeth or The Water Wars? Will I be fighting for my life against zombies or attempting to survive outside of an isolated city or struggling to find enough food or water?

In general, I would probably bring the basics. Extra clothes for varying climates, because there's no telling what the weather will be like in the future. Enough food and water for at least a couple of days. A one-person tent in case it takes time to find shelter.

My pocket knife for fighting or surviving. A can of mace, just in case. My phone and one of those solar-powered chargers. Even if there isn't cell service in the future, I'm sure I can find some kind of use for it. My fingerless gloves, because I don't like going anywhere without them. Bug spray, because who knows what futuristic insects would be like. Flashlight and batteries.

A journal and a couple of pens, to record observations and thoughts. Camera. Pocket recorder. Maybe a history textbook, in case I get the chance to compare their version of history to ours.