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This Week's Topic:
What's your favorite book that you had to read for class?

I have a confession to make: Despite my wild love of reading, I struggled through school to finish assigned books. I hated the discussion questions and the fact that we couldn't read at our own pace. The list of classics that I didn't finish in high school is longer than the list of books that I did.

However, there were a few classics that I remember loving. My favorite was To Kill a Mockingbird by Lee Harper. I read it my senior year and loved every bit of it. I loved the story and the writing and the social relevancy. It's still one of my favorite classics and I really want to buy a copy so that I can read it again.

Going back to middle school, my favorite was The Giver by Lois Lowry. I remember hating how we were only supposed to read a certain number of chapters a day and not a chapter more (not that I ever listened). I remember biting my lip so I wouldn't cry towards the end. As soon as we finished, I hunted down the next two books in the series and devoured those too. I'm so excited for Son coming out this October!


Anonymous said…
I really missed out on To Kill A Mockingbird. :( The top set in English got to read it but no-one else could.

I'm sure we could have read it instead of the insane amount of Shakespeare we were forced to read every year.
kirstenlopresti said…
I loved To Kill A Mockingbird! Lots of people are mentioning this one.
Anonymous said…
To Kill a Mockingbird is perfection.
Susan Francino said…
Am I to gather from that that Lowry is coming out with another book? Cool!
Colin Smith said…
Both TKaM and THE GIVER are great books. I didn't know THE GIVER was the first in a series, and was surprised when I found out. THE GIVER seemed to end quite satisfactorily. Makes me intrigued to see how she continues the story.

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