RTW -- Best Book of September

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This week's topic: 
What was the best book you read in September?

Reflecting the fact that college is the world's biggest time suck, I've only read three books this month (including one that was a beta read). It doesn't help that the one I'm reading right now is A Clash of Kings. I'm pretty sure that -- even though I adore it -- this book is probably going to take me three months to read at this rate.

There was no contest this month for the best book...

Every Day by David Levithan 
I read it a few weeks ago but I still think about it all the time. The writing is gorgeous, the plot very original, and the characters amazing and diverse. I love the look into different people's lives as A switches between bodies.

If you've read Every Day, what did you think? What was the best book that you read this month?


Samantha said…
Ooh I love books that you keep thinking about weeks after you've finished. This one sounds good! I'll put it on my list!
Stephsco said…
I definitely want to read this. The author is one of the keynote speakers at a YA Lit Book conference this weekend (Naperville, IL) that I will sadly miss since I'm not feeling so great :( I have seen him speak once before and he's very funny and inspiring. The concept seems very cool and I would totally suspend belief to read it. Sometimes I'm a hard sell on high concept books.

Here's my pick for September: http://www.agirlandherdiary.blogspot.com
Valia Lind said…
I've heard awesome things about this one. The whole concept of the book is just mindblowing! Thanks for sharing!

Juliana Haygert said…
Never read any book by David Levithan but keep hearing great things about all of them. Time to give them a try, don't you think?
Thanks for sharing!
Hmm, been trying to decide which Bay Area Maggie Steifvater signing to go to, and there's one where she's appearing with David Levithan and Ellen Hopkins--maybe I should do that one and get this too.

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