Week in Short

That's right! Now that classes are officially over, Week in Shorts are making a comeback. I may also start posting five days a week instead of three, but I'm going to give it a couple weeks to see how this goes before I make the switch.

It's been an interesting week back. I honestly feel like I've been dreaming the last nine months. The high point of my week was the season finale of Castle. I won't spoil it for anyone, but I will say BEST SEASON FINALE EVER. 

Song of the Week: For You by Keith Urban (This is one of those songs that deserves to be blasted full-volume and sung as loud as you can.)

OH MY GOSH THEY'RE REAL. Old yearbook photo shows Harry, Hermione, and Ron. (Also, is it just me or does the guy above Ron to the left look kind of like Neville?)

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I'm off to stare at my mailbox and wait for the mailman. Insurgent and City of Lost Souls are going to be here ANY MINUTE. Everyone have a great weekend!


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