RTW: Alternative Uses for Books

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This Week's Topic: 
What's your favorite use for a book besides reading it?

This was a tough one for me because I really don't use books for anything besides reading. I don't use them to hide money or press flowers or anything like that. I almost accepted an old law book that a friend of mine was giving away. The pages were all cut up so that the book formed a box to hide things in. I kind of regret saying no.

When I'm not reading my books, they're all lined up on my shelves (or in some cases stacked around my room because I don't have enough shelf space). The sight of books with their spines sticking out comforts me. Which is why someday I want my office to look like a library. (If you've ever seen Castle, I want my office to look exactly like his. If you haven't seen Castle you really should because it's an awesome show, but in the meantime Castle's office is basically a large wooden desk surrounded by bookshelves.)

I guess that means my favorite use for books besides reading them would be decoration. At my grandpa's house there are shelves and shelves of books that I've never read and probably never will, but I love the way they look sitting on the shelves and I love brushing my fingers along their spines.


Colin Smith said…
Mmmm yes... books for decoration. Though I hate it when books are *just* for decoration, like the decorative grand piano you sometimes see in people's houses. Pianos are meant to be played, and books are meant to be read. They are not just a symbol of sophistication. I have no problem with books being decorative as long as someone in the house is actually reading them too! Sorry, I didn't mean to get on a soapbox! :)
Laurie Dennison said…
All this talk about books as decorations has me thinking about hard covers vs. paper backs. Hard backs are so much prettier to look at, but not as convenient to read!

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