Character Bucket Lists

The other day StumbleUpon brought me to a list of "225 Things to Do Before You Die." As I was going through them -- and adding a few to my own bucket list -- I started to wonder what my characters would write on their own bucket lists. This is what they said.

  • Adopt a mustang 
  • Lobby for harsher punishments for animal abusers
  • Ride in an endurance race
  • Learn to drive a horse-drawn carriage
  • See the World Equestrian Games
  • Drive across the United States 
  • See Ireland 
  • Parachute 
  • See an active volcano 
  • Get a college degree 
  • Sleep through the night 
  • Explore a castle in England 
  • Graduate from high school 
  • Collect every state quarter
  • Visit the Australian outback 
  • Paint murals on every wall of my house 
  • Ride a motorcycle across the country
  • Visit every continent 
  • Climb a mountain 
  • Learn how to swordfight 
I found it very interesting to make these lists and I really learned a lot about my characters. What are on your characters' bucket lists? 


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