Friday, February 3, 2012

Love Story Review

Love Story
by Jennifer Echols
For Erin Blackwell, majoring in creative writing at the New York City college of her dreams is more than a chance to fulfill her ambitions -- it's her ticket away from the tragic memories that shadow her family's racehorse farm in Kentucky. But when she refuses to major in business and take over the farm herself someday, her grandmother gives Erin's college tuition and promised inheritance to their maddeningly handsome stable boy, Hunter Allen. Now Erin has to win an internship and work late nights at a local coffee shop to make her own dreams a reality. She should despise why does he sneak into her thoughts as the hero in her latest writing assignment?

Then, on the day she's sharing that assignment with her class, Hunter walks in. He's joining her class. And after he reads about himself in her story, her private fantasies about him must be painfully clear. She only hopes to persuade him not to reveal her secret to everyone else. But Hunter devises his own creative revenge, writing sexy stories that drive the whole class wild with curiosity and fill Erin's heart with longing. Now she's not just imagining what might have been. She's writing a whole new ending for her romance with Hunter...except this story could come true.

This book was a quick read, but in retrospect I didn't really like it. I enjoyed some of the twists of the story, especially when Hunter's desire to be a doctor is revealed. The idea of them writing stories back and forth was a great concept and I loved that the story took place in college.

My biggest problem was the lack of resolution to the story. The conflict of Erin and her father, and Erin and her grandmother continue. On that note, I still can't believe after all Erin's father did to her and her mother, that she was ready to go running back into his arms when Hunter lied to her. Where is her motivation? Didn't she feel any doubts?

The conflict between Hunter and Erin feels unresolved as well. I mean, she writes that terrible story, finds out he's using her to get to medical school, uses him just to "get him out of her system," and then one morning she finds him in her room packing her stuff for a trip to Louisville? I don't really understand where either one of them was coming from when it came to their relationship.

Overall: 6/10 Not only does it feel unresolved but I really have no idea where it was supposed to be going.