Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Son of Neptune Review

The Son of Neptune
by Rick Riordan
Percy is confused. When he awoke from his long sleep, he didn't know much more than his name. His brain fuzz is lingering, even after the wolf Lupa told him he is a demigod and trained him to fight with the pen/sword in his pocket. Somehow Percy manages to make it to a campt for half-bloods, despite the fact that he has to keep killing monsters along the way. But the camp doesn't ring any bells with him. The only thing he can recall from his past is another name: Annabeth.

Hazel is supposed to be dead. When she lived before, she didn't do a very good job of it. Sure, she was an obedient daughter, even when her mother as possessed by greed. But that was the problem -- when the Voice took over her mother and commanded Hazel to use her "gift" for an evil purpose, Hazel couldn't say no. Now, because of her mistake, the future of the world is at risk. Hazel wishes she could ride away from it all on the stallion that appears in her dreams.

Frank is a klutz. His grandmother says he is descended from heroes and can be anything he wants to be, but he doesn't see it. He doesn't even know who his father is. He keeps hoping Apollo will claim him, because the only thing he is good at is archery -- although not good enough to win camp war games. His bulky physique makes him feel like an ox, especially in front of Hazel, his closest friend at camp. he trusts her completely -- enough to share the secret he holds close to his heart.
I love Riordan, but this was not one of my favorites. This is the second book in the Heroes of Olympus trilogy and it read like it. The beginning blew my mind but after that the book just started to drag on and on.

One thing that I hate about Riordan novels -- this one in particular -- is the way the characters think about their own backstory and how it affects them and usually how terrible it is...but it takes them forever to explain what happened. Subtlety is not a strong suit for this book.

Overall: 9/10 This one was just average for Riordan.


The fact that Hazel's brother is Nico absolutely blew my mind. I feel so bad for him with Bianca going for another life so now he can't even visit her. I feel bad for Hazel but I wish she wouldn't blame herself all the time for raising the giant. It wasn't her fault she was forced into doing it and she didn't know what it was she was raising.

I'm still really confused by Frank. I love the whole thing with the firewood and I think I know what part he's going to play in the prophecy, but I don't understand his ancestry. They're always talking about how he's going to bring his family full-circle. Does that mean he has to go to China?

Percy was amazing in this one. I love having him back. It broke my heart when all he could remember was Annabeth's name. His plans to beat Phineas and the giant...risky, dangerous, and completely brilliant.

I still prefer the Hunters, but I loved the Amazons, especially their plan for world domination through I hated Hylla when she first comes into the story but when she was giving Hazel the plan I really started to love her and I have a whole new respect for her beating Otrera twice even though she couldn't die. I. Love. Arion. I wish he was my horse.


E.J. Wesley said...

I really loved the first Heroes of Olympus book, to the point I might actually favor it over some the original PJ series. However, I have to agree that Son of Neptune was a bit of letdown for me. While it was exciting to have Percy back, I think it might have led to the story feeling as though I'd already read it 4-5 times (the original series).

I also thought the maturity level took a step backwards in terms of the voice of the characters. I really thought the 1st HoO was a nice evolution to more mature writing in the series, but this one seemed (in tone) very similar to the 1st couple of PJ books.

All that said, it's not a bad book by any means, just a half-step back from the first.

laurathewise said...

Sequels are tricky. Especially the sequel in a sequel series...

I haven't read this series and hadn't planned to, but the potshot at might just be enough to make me pick it up. L.O.L. I just bought about $40 worth of textbooks from them today, so I'm especially bitter.