5 Tips for Finding Time to be a Writer in College

My first semester here I didn't touch a WIP after the first two weeks. I was too busy with classes, clubs, student government, friends, a boyfriend, and volunteering. It's hard to find time for writing when you're already struggling to find time to sleep.

This semester I resolved to find time to write, even if it's only a half hour a day. Here are five tips that are helping me find time to write while still experiencing the college life.

1. Write during breakfast/lunch/dinner. Every day I have an hour set aside for lunch. I head to a dining location that most of my friends don't frequent (mostly because it's closer to my classes than theirs) and open my laptop while I eat. Just be careful not to spill anything!

2. Read between classes. If you're like me and have a stack of books that only keeps growing that you need to read but not a lot of time to read them, carry a book with you to all your classes. If you find yourself sitting outside the classroom for fifteen minutes waiting for the professor to show up, you can pull it out and read a little bit. This morning I arrived twenty minutes early for my psychology class and so I read the first couple chapters of Twenty Boy Summer.

Note: Use proper judgment when choosing a book to read. Don't read The Fault in Our Stars or The Book Thief or Deathly Hallows or any other book that is liable to make you tear up if you're not comfortable doing that in public.

3. Don't have time during the day? Set aside a half hour before bed or in the morning for writing. If that's still too much, go for a fifteen or twenty minute period. You can even use writing as a break from studying.

4. Hit the library or another location between classes. I have a two or three hour period between classes every day of the week. Instead of going back to my dorm, I head to Starbucks, get settled, and try to get as much done as I can.

5. Use your weekends wisely. Weekends are prime time for social events, volunteering, and catching up on sleep, but they can also be prime time for writing and reading as well. I don't have any classes on Fridays so when I'm done with my last class on Thursday, I'm done for the day. I take that entire afternoon off and hang out with friends, relax, and write. Sunday is another good day for a free day.

Whether you're in college or not, how do you find time for writing?


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