Week in Short

Song of the Week: If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away by Justin Moore

Must Read:
When it's okay to quit
Choosing the wrong agent
Sex vs relationships in YA -- This is a definite must-read for any YA reader or writer

Biggest news of the week came from J.K. Rowling when her street view search led to Pottermore. The website links to a Youtube page counting down the days until J.K. Rowling's announcement. What does it all mean? Your guess is as good as mine! Could the long hoped for confirmation of more books be in the near future? Only five days to go until we find out!

The sequel to Veronica Roth's Divergent has a title! And I LOVE it!

Brittany over at Hills and Corkscrews is running a blogfest specifically for teen writers this summer. The deadline for signing up is June 22 and the blogfest runs from July 1st to the 9th.

Adventures in Space:
After the Call: interview with Katy Upperman

Email etiquette
Query Workshop Wednesday

Kt Literary:
Comparing yourself to others

Your protagonist's strengths
Questions to ask when you get "The Call"

Rachelle Gardner:
The gift of insecurity

Everyone have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday!


Brittany said…
Thanks for the mention, Rachael! :)

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