Writing is like a Journey

***Quick Note: I won't be participating in RTW this week because I'm currently at college orientation and won't be back until sometime late tonight.***

The need for adventure hits you. You pack your things, load up the car, and head off into the sunset. Some jerk flips you off while you try to get onto the highway. There's twelve miles of construction. Halfway there and your car blows a tire and you have to pull over and figure out how to change it. While you're standing on the side of the road wondering why you ever thought this was a good idea, families in minivans and guys in sportscars rush by.

You find your courage and get back on the road. You get off at your exit, but there's a detour that takes you several miles out of your way. You finally into the parking lot of your hotel, rent a room, and collapse in bed, too exhausted to do anything else until you at least get a nap.

The decision to take the trip is like getting an idea. It sounds fantastic at first but once you buckle down and start packing you wonder if you'll be able to pull it off and maybe you should just stay home. You buck up and write those first words anyway and off you go.

You'll have rough patches where you're moving so slow that it seems you'll never get there or you'll be trucking along and all of a sudden a plot problem will blow up and you'll have to pause and figure out how to get around it. New ideas will drag you in whole other directions that you never planned on taking through places that you never knew existed. But in the end, through it all, you'll make it to the end. You'll take some time to relax and look back on that journey and smile. Because despite all those hardships, you made it.


Excellent metaphor, HR! I hope orientation's going well. :)

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