Week in Short

OMG WE SURVIVED THE WEEK AND WE'RE ALMOST THERE TOMORROW'S THE DAY!!! (If this is the first time this week you've been here (Hi! by the way), six days ago was part one of Doctor Who's series finale. Part two is tomorrow. I. Can't. Wait.) Yesterday was a heart attack-filled afternoon for me as my laptop decided to die. Three times. It's apparently decided that summer is too hot for it because it overheats on an hourly basis. So I'm working on keeping it cool and functional until we can get it to to get the fans fixed.

Must Read:
Pitching to agents
Enjoy being unpublished now
Offer of representation Q&A

The Lost Hero cover has been released! Don't you just want to steal it and take it home? =D No? Okay, that's just me then. Still, I can't wait to get my hands on it. Also, there's a link to where you can read the first two chapters. Which seriously made me want the rest of it. GAH I hate cliffhangers so much.
Official movie synopsis of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 [Can. Not. Wait. =D]

Blood-Red Pencil:
Show don't tell

Why first pages are important

Nathan Bransford:
Why vague partial rejections?

Pub Rants:
Multi-book contracts
One-book contracts
Joint accounting, one peril of multi-book contracts

Rachelle Gardner:
Quick Q&A

Writer Unboxed:
Best advice: what happens next?

YA Highway:
Unusual and wonderful writing advice

I was doing very well with my aspiration to write 1k every night until last night when I had to go to bed early because I wanted to give the laptop the whole night off. I will get back to it tonight!

ARML -- revisions going well.

Three Days - 35k. Going very well at the moment. We're well on track to have it complete by my goal.

Guardian -- is back on my plate for some world-building. I've never actually had to consciously work at world-building before so it's all new to me, but I think it's going well. I'm struggling to figure out the finer rules of magic in their world, but it's coming to me. I'm mainly working on the research to create their creatures at the moment.

Everyone have an awesome weekend!


Race said…
Oooh, tomorrow! I'm so excited! *bounces up and down* Also, am I following you yet. *goes to follow in case she doesn't already*

This blog is def worth a follow. Fab links!
Anonymous said…
thanks for the awesome links!

And you are like super awesome wonder woman for handling several WIPs so well!

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