Week in Short

School's out for the summer WHOOO! Actually, I skipped the last two days of school so I've been out since Wednesday. Don't ask me how it feels to be a senior because I have no clue. It hasn't quite hit me yet.

Random notes from this week: The Wedding Date and She's the Man are both awesome movies. I need a copy of On Writing because even though I still think Stephen King is insane, he knows writing. I have officially seen every one of the newer episodes of Doctor Who. I watched Waters of Mars and both parts of End of Time yesterday. I'm kind of sad that the excitement of watching them all for the first time is over. But there's still the new ep tomorrow!

Also, I went to the bookstore today. I walked out with Murder on the Orient Express and Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie, Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta, The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan, and Paper Towns by John Green. What to read first??!!

Anyway...enough about what I did this week. =D

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Double-Crossed and Guardian have both been officially filed away in the Waiting folder. That's the folder on my computer where my many started manuscripts hibernate. Raye's not very happy about this new development.

ARML -- is back! I decided that I needed to get another manuscript out for revisions in preparation for querying and chose this one. The first read through is going rather slow at the moment, but I'm hoping to have this one in submission by the end of the summer.

Three Days -- 23k. Moving along slowly at the moment. I'm not entirely sure where the story is going at this point. I'm getting up to the big first kiss scene, but Jeremy and Cam won't tell me how it happens.

Fire -- 18k. Despite the fact that school is over, this one's still rolling along quite well. The only problem is, I'm estimating that it's going to be complete at 20-25k. Which means there will be massive expansion in the revisions. It should be interesting since expansion for me usually involves adding a few scenes, not half a book.

After the Jump -- 2.7k. I haven't worked on this one for awhile. It's a combination of lack of time, a need to do more research, and indecision of where the story is going to go next. Hannah's still in the hospital and I seriously need to do more research on post-coma recovery.


Nomes said…
Oh, cool post :)

I love both She's the Man and The Wedding Date :0 I love Amanda Bynes in general - have you seen her in Sydney White? <3

I read One Writing a month ago. Very fab book, easy to read. He makes writing sound so easy, though. It's not, IMO :)

Yay for buying jellicoe Road :0 best. book. ever. And I also love forest of hands and teeth

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