RTW -- Favorite Relationships

It's a beautiful snow day over here this morning! :) Which means time to relax, kick back, and frantically try to catch up with everything on my to do list.

Each week YA Highway asks a question on their blog and then each of the contributors post an answer on their individual blogs.

This week's question was:

What's your favorite display of affection in a YA?
This can be of any sort--romantic, friendship, family, etc)

Wow. I almost had more ideas for this one than I did for the book covers. There are just SO many awesome choices! These are my top five:

WARNING: There are some minor Deathly Hallows spoilers in number one. But if you haven't read the book yet and care about reading spoilers, then just go read the book. :D No, seriously, READ IT.

1. Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Come on, you knew it was coming. From the moment they became friends to the end of the seventh book, they were a team. They went through everything together (except for the brief hiatus for Ron when he left and I wanted to kill him). They brought Voldemort down together. Ron and Hermione knew they could've stepped out at any time, but they risked everything to help Harry. How can you not love that??? I know some people don't like the Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny pairings, but I LOVE them. The kiss scene between Ron and Hermione is the scene I'm mostly looking forward to out of the two movies!

2. Lena, Bridget, Carmen, and Tibby. Another group of friends that go through everything together. They were friends even before they were born and they stuck it out through trials and summers away from each other with the help of the Pants.

3. Cabel and Janie. On another end of the spectrum, we have Cabel and Janie from Wake, Fade, and Gone. *bounces up and down* I just love their relationship! I can't help it. :D They're so cute together.

4. Katniss and Gale, and Katniss and Peeta. Okay technically this is two relationships, but I'm counting them as one because I can. Plus I still haven't decided who's team I'm on because both guys are awesome in their own way. Katniss and Gale have been friends for a long time, helping each other in times of need and sharing secrets. Peeta kind of threw a wrench into that. Katniss and Peeta have a very complicated relationship. You know that Peeta loves her, but she has no clue what she feels for him. Each is willing to die for the other, but Katniss mostly wants to stay friends.

5. Daine and Numair. *sighs* I don't really have a coherent explanation for this one. He goes from being her teacher in wild magic, to a trusted traveling companion in the war, to her love. I. Love. It. Oh by the way, this is from Tamora Pierce's Immortals Quartet.


Kate Hart said…
I haven't read most of those-- will have to check them out! :)
Kirsten Hubbard said…
your RTWs are always great. I need to read some Tamora Pierce!
Anonymous said…
I have GOT to read the last book in the Immortals Quartet. Grr.

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